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We at Things4ever, want to make the life of our followers easier. We can help you with everything from a health issue to beauty hack and from reading to writing. You can get ideas, information, and solutions to your problems. We have a team of dedicated people who understand your problems and write on them. You can also ask your questions in a comment to get the required information via blogs. We are working on a few categories at the time but we will add more and more in future as the platform grows. We invite you to share your views with us so that we can improve and provide you with better. Here are some of the categories we are working at the time.


beauty is a thing to appreciate and that’s what the whole world does. We have some awesome beauty hacks, home remedy, and the list of best products to help you with your daily routine. You can get ideas about every beauty problem like acne, pimples, dark circles and many more plus the solution to all your makeup issues is also here. The list of perfect products for all skin types and every part of your body. We have a team of different people to help you with everything.


beauty comes first but the second place is always secured for fashion in our lives. That’s because it can help you look better and beautiful. Here, you can find everything from the latest hairstyles to new trends in clothes for everyone. Ideas for the purple of every age group are there on one platform only. This is a platform that can help you look fashionable and beautiful every day. We can help you to choose the right outfit according to your body type. We have best ideas for you in every category including outfit, bags, shoes, and hairstyles. Look beautiful and stylish with things4ever.


health is prior to everything and that’s why we are here to help you with that too. Some simple tips to stay healthy and fresh, knowledge of health problems, some quick solutions, and everything good for your health is updated here by our health writers. If you are facing any problem and unable to find the solution, we are here to help you. We will try to have everything of your needs here only.


if you are someone who loves to read novels then you should not miss this platform. We give you the lists of books according to your interests. There will be different ideas because not everyone loves the same thing. If you are a perfect bookaholic then we welcome your ideas too.


if you love writing then we have some tips for you plus along with tips we can give you a platform to present your masterpiece for the world. You can learn writing and then Write for Us if you have the talent and calibre to do. We can help you improve yourself and pen down what pops up in your head.


everyone needs some kind of motivation and inspiration in any stage of life and we can offer you that too. We are here to raise your confidence level and help you going forward with some inspirational posts here on this platform. Whatever is the situation you are going through, some words are always there which can change your life and here, we want to serve that only.


utilising your free time is the best thing you can do or if you love to do something creative then you need to find time and ideas we will find for you. You can get several ideas according to your interests like the home decoration, workplace management, kitchen arrangements, and everything one might want to do.

Creative Side:

if you love to do crafts in your spare time then you are at the right place. We also have some good ideas for you to start with and improve your skills. Craft ideas for both little kids and elder ones are there and the thing that you need to do is follow the steps and use your own ways if you want to make something unique.